Searching for the truth behind life after death and the paranormal through scientific methods and investigations. 



SCPRI is a family of investigators interested in the paranormal. We will investigate any business, home, historical location, or any location believed to have unexplained activity taking place. We are currently investigating in Arizona, Southern and Northern California, and Nevada. We are always looking for new locations to investigate.



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The Team

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Southern California Paranormal Research and Investigations (SCPRI) was started in 2014 by Geoff Lloyd. SCPRI is literally a family of investigators. The team is made up of Geoff's wife, his son, his two daughters, his niece, and friends so close they may as well be family. 

SCPRI was created and is dedicated to finding the truth to life after death and the reasons behind all paranormal activity. All investigations are held in a professional and courteous manner with the focus of each investigation being scientific first and when that cannot be explained, we will look toward the paranormal. We are not what you see on television and we will never fabric evidence or experiences just to make ourselves look good. We have performed plenty of investigations where evidence of the paranormal was not found. In addition to investigating, SCPRI works with groups and other organizations to bring presentations to those that may have an interest in the paranormal.

SCPRI has a combined 15 years of experience in paranormal investigating. The experience that we bring to the table, along with our professionalism, makes SCPRI a great choice for any investigation. Our services are free of charge but we have accepted donations in the past to help cover gas and food. We also carry General Liability Insurance and we are working on obtaining our 501(c)3 to become a non-profit organization. 




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